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DARPA funding researchers from Georgia Tech, Emory, and Northwestern

BME student Emily Madsen uses her skills as a painter and sculptor to illuminate complex topics

Zhu discusses platelets and activation by shear forces

New program at Georgia Tech and Emory funded by NIH creating next wave of researchers in computational neural engineering

Rising temperatures could affect the microbial communities in northern latitude tundra.

Petit Institute researchers receive chair and professorship in Woodruff School

Petit Institute researcher becomes associate chair for graduate studies in ChBE

Annual funding program supports diverse range of interdisciplinary research projects

By energizing precursor molecules, researchers have dramatically accelerated the fabrication of nanometer scale structures.

A new $21.9 million research initiative will modulate gene expression to help protect against pandemic flu.


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From the lab of Petit Institute researcher Sam Brown: New study urges smarter use of antibiotics
Sherry Farrugia, who manages the the public-private partnership between Georgia Tech and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, shares leadership insights.
Oscar-winning actress, "Black Panther" co-star salutes STEM school students
Special backings on jewelry could be a way to transfer birth control and other drugs through the skin
From Petit Institute researcher Timothy Cope: Uncovering the hidden power behind our spines
New study from Georgia Tech, Duke, and Harvard delivers mathematical model to devise new therapeutic strategies combining antibiotics with other treatments
Georgia Tech researchers building on skin patch technology to develop contraception that women can wear
Contraceptives and other drugs could be administered through an earring, using a method invented by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology
Researchers successfully reconstruct "synthetic" speech using an implant to scan brain signals
From NPR: A brain–computer interface device could be a stepping stone to giving voiceless people a new way to talk