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Garrett Stanley will lead work under a landmark gift from the McCamish Foundation to revolutionize treatment of neurological diseases.

Garrett Stanley will lead work under a landmark gift from the McCamish Foundation to revolutionize treatment of neurological diseases.

New research in Optica describes affordable new system for better advanced optical imaging

NSF and NASA-funded Georgia Tech-based center completes its 10-year run with a deep impact on origins of life studies — and a cadre of early career scientists ready to take the reins on future research efforts

María Coronel and Rebecca Donegan helping to improve the odds against disease with assist Beckman Coulter Foundation and Dasher Endowment

New IRIM Research Faculty and Senior Clinical Research Scientist in the School of Mechanical Engineering Ms. Kinsey Herrin has garnered her first major grant award through the DoD’s CDMRP OPORP program.

Faculty member’s innovative work in biotechnology gains national recognition.

A new imaging instrument will be able to simultaneously study both the surface of a biological sample and its chemical composition.

Award recognizes exceptional early- to mid-career women chemists across all areas of chemistry on a national level.

In a paper recently published in the journal BME Biology, Jordan and his collaborators work to bridge the pharmacogenomic research gap.


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CDC data shows Georgia is one of the slowest states in the nation when it comes to administering the COVID-19 vaccines.
The decentralized effort focuses on supply with less attention to the last mile, or getting the ‘vaccine from storage into people’s arms.'
The vaccine rollout has not been as fast as many had hoped with millions of vaccines shipped out, now just waiting to be administered.
A much lower number of people than expected have been vaccinated for COVID-19 so far.
A logistics expert at Georgia Tech says that's expected, as this vaccine distribution is a huge undertaking that requires a lot of coordination and people.
Pinar Keskinocak is using her eclectic expertise and positions of leadership to fix crucial flaws in global operations, all while elevating the next generation of scientists.
Professors Madeleine Hackney and Lena Ting are designing robots for partner dance in order to provide physical therapy for Parkinson’s patients.
The dramatic success of two COVID-19 vaccines in clinical trials last month marked a triumph for a previously unproven medical technology.
May Dongmei Wang, a professor in the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory University, shows a flowchart for evaluating sequencing.
In Georgia, success in getting the vaccine into the arms of residents largely will rely on a patchwork of preparations.