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Georgia Tech researchers unify design and manufacturing to create novel structures with potential applications in biomedicine and space exploration

The project focuses on understanding normal heart development and what can go wrong in those processes and lead to severe defects.

The award will go towards investigating the interplay of cellular movement and metabolism in grass stomata – the microscopic breathing valves on plant leaves.

A new study led by School of Biological Sciences researchers could eventually help patients who suffer from skin conditions that affect the palms of hands and soles of feet.

School of Biological Sciences professor Soojin Yi and her global team have uncovered new findings on the evolution of DNA methylation

Georgia Tech-Emory team receives multi-year funding in $50 million international effort targeting human immunology

Georgia Tech researchers discover promising new treatment for dangerous thrombosis

Study suggests turning to netarsudil sooner for these hard-to-treat patients could help preserve their sight.

The journal focuses on the application of mechanical engineering principles to improve human health

Georgia Tech neuroscientists have found a way to identify cells in the brain by focusing on their relationship to other cells.


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Petit researcher Mostafa El-Sayed remarks upon prominent materials chemist who began developing methods for making, controlling, and analyzing colloidal nanocrystals.
With taxpayer dollars on the line, districts eager to ensure their schools are COVID-19 safe must determine which products are based on sound science and which ones don’t live up to the hype.
Governor Kemp’s new order loosening COVID-19 restrictions will have wide-ranging impacts on businesses from restaurants and convention centers to gyms and concert venues.
The family of U.S. National Science Foundation-funded robots captures the incredible innovation possible with cross-disciplinary collaboration across STEM fields.
Heavy rainfall in a town near New York City was followed by something a little more unusual: a wormnado.
Gift made to establish a “new era of biology” aimed at battling diseases with a mix of data and life science studies.
In the armpit lymph nodes of people who had received the mRNA vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, researchers found germinal centers needed to generate long-lived antibody-making cells.
Research study from Georgia Tech and Harvard University analyzed data from 528 athletic events that had spectators in the stadiums and found no correlation with a spike in Covid-19 cases.
Most modeling efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic have sought to address urgent practical concerns. But some groups aim to bolster the theoretical underpinnings of that work instead.
As Georgia prepares to become the third state in the country to open coronavirus vaccine appointments to all adults, some are questioning how much more difficult it will become to get an appointment.