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Will study metabolic features predictive of tumor response in head and neck cancers

Researchers are interested in the strategies creatures have developed to overcome the challenges of moving though their environments.

Inaugural event at Petit Institute puts innovative, homegrown businesses in the spotlight

A potentially deadly parasite that can ulcerate skin, nose, mouth and organs could someday meet its match in an experimental vaccine that has now worked in lab tests on humanized mice.

A $20 million engineering research center will help expand the uses of cell-based therapies.

Georgia Tech core facility emphasizing skill and technique may be only one of its kind in the world

Proteins are tough to make outside a living cell, so how did their components evolve on pre-life Earth? Perhaps easier than thought.

Petit Institute’s Todd Sulchek part of research team to win new seed grant

Inducted into the Biomedical Engineering Society’s 2017 Class of BMES Fellows

Advancing research in medical robotics to improve patient quality of life


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In NEWSWEEK: Georgia Tech helps lead effort to develop vaccine against flesh-eating parasite
NSF awards $20 million grant for new research center to be located at Georgia Tech
Life-inducing primordial soup on Earth a billion years ago was like a giant protein shake.
The terrifying science behind floating fire ants - and how to destroy them
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Stinging fire ants band together as floating mats, presenting another problem in Texas floods.
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