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New role will enable NIH to fund essential, cutting-edge biomedical research

New consortium leveraging region’s collective expertise to study brain injuries

A new study shows that ants have a lot to teach robots about working in confined spaces.

LaPlaca begins her term as president starting in 2019 through 2020

Elderly accident victims and Duchene muscular dystrophy sufferers could someday benefit from this stem cell hydrogel successfully tested in mice.

Six innovative biomedical research projects awarded

Researchers are studying a tiny single-celled protozoan that achieves blazing-fast acceleration while contracting its worm-like body.

A proof-of-concept sensor could help with monitoring treatment of brain aneurysms.

Andrés J. García is the new executive director of the Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience.

Year-long master’s program celebrates 100th graduate as student teams present final projects


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Researchers have developed a sensor that could improve the monitoring of brain aneurysm treatments.
Georgia Tech researchers have develop a way to remotely activate modified T cells from outside the body using near-infrared laser that precisely targets tumors
Researchers scrambling to find alternative ways to fight antibiotic-resistant infections
Sam Brown of Petit Institute urges hard push for alternatives to treating bacterial ailments
Petit Institute researcher Mark Prausnitz weighs in on hormone treatment that could cure obesity and type 2 diabetes
FDA-approved drug holds first promise for kids with genetic disease
Petit Institute researcher, James Dahlman, recognized by MIT Technology Review
Families with children affected by a rare neurological disease ML4 are rallying with researchers in Atlanta.
The momentous transition to multicellular life may not have been so hard afterall
From Petit Institute researcher Eva Lee: Data is the answer to fighting the flu