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New group of undergrad researchers represents future of bioengineering and bioscience leadership

Georgia Research Alliance universities sign deal to share cutting edge research resources

Some of what researchers believed to be chaotic electric potentials in neurons are turning out the be surprisingly orderly.

A Georgia Tech team and collaborators in Germany and Russia used yeast as a model to study human amyloids.

Researchers are providing information about the reaction kinetics involved in growing metallic nanocrystals.

Kemp recognized for teaching effectiveness

BME Capstone team addresses mobility challenges for young spina bifida patient

Petit Institute researcher selected for 2018 Young Investigator Award

Chemical signals from predators' urine warns prey of impending doom

BME graduate student takes top Student Technology Prize


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Robotic hand inspired by Luke Skywalker allows musician who lost his arm to play piano
In Mashable: Man tests Star Wars-inspired robot hand that allows control of each prosthetic finger
Research from Georgia Tech: Alternative therapies for mild infections could help overcome antibiotic resistance
Scientists put an ancient gene into modern bacteria, like pressing rewind and play on evolution
Prosthetic hand system created in lab of Georgia Tech researcher Gil Weinberg among best medical technologies in 2017