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Xia lab gives LDL particles an interior upgrade to improve drug delivery

Georgia Tech neuroscience researchers explore our most magnificent and vast organ

This could be your story one day, unless medical research makes significant strides

Georgia Tech’s executive vice president for research meets with national media to discuss federal funding and scientific research.

Petit Institute seed grants awarded to three interdisciplinary research teams

Researchers have improved the sensitivity and detection capability of the widely-used ESI-MS analytical technique.

Small skin patches with dissolvable microneedles could allow self-administration of the influenza vaccine.

It’s a highly competitive and prestigious invitation, according to the National Academy of Engineering

New undergraduate program builds on strength of research across campus, from neurons to behavior .

The Krone Engineered Biosystems Building gets its name from aerospace engineering graduate Roger A. Krone and his wife Helen B. Krone.


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NIH-supported study led by Tech and Emory proves efficacy of microneedle patch for flu vaccination
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Microneedle patch developed at Georgia Tech gets thumbs up in human clinical trial
New method developed by Georgia Tech researcher offers potential new weapon to stop cancer's spread
New treatment developed by Georgia Tech researcher Mostafa El-Sayed featured in German press
Tiny prickly patch developed by Petit Institute's Mark Prausnitz gets successful test run at Emory
Georgia Tech researchers contribute to study to see if "leaky" blood vessels can enhance drug delivery
From researcher Jeffrey Skolnick: New simulations of DNA as a transport conduit could shatter the way scientists think about how large molecules diffuse on their way to carry out genetic missions
Patch developed in Petit Institute lab of Mark Prausnitz is successful in first human clinical trial
Petit Institute researcher Jessica Weaver talks about her diabetes research with JDRF