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Annabelle Singer's research could revolutionize the way we look at the disease's progression

Combining a new hydrogel material with a protein that boosts blood vessel growth could improve the success rate for transplanting insulin-producing islet cells.

Tech researchers use collaboration to push the frontiers of advanced materials research.

Jordan lab research probes the safety of revolutionary mitochondrial replacement therapy

Jahizreal Aquart takes third in international science fair as the Georgia Tech program completes another year

Tech researchers have a new theory on why flamingos stand and sleep on one leg.

Petit Institute researcher Brandon Dixon contributes to groundbreaking Stanford-led study

Petit Institute founding director recognized with national education and mentorship award named in his honor

Petit Institute researcher wins award from Emory School of Medicine


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Cutting-edge microneedle patch developed at Georgia Tech could make flu shots a thing of the past
Patch is a success in human clinical trial which could mean, 'bye bye, painful flu shots!'
New clinical study: Dissolvable microneedle patch is safe and preferable to the flu shot
CBS News features Petit Institute's Mark Prausnitz and collaborative research with Emory
NIH-supported study led by Tech and Emory proves efficacy of microneedle patch for flu vaccination
Cancer research team led by Georgia Tech develops new treatment to thwart metastasis
Georgia Tech researchers use nanotechnology to stop cancer from spreading to healthy organs
Georgia Tech and Emory collaborate on microneedle patch that offers pain free vaccination
New method developed by Georgia Tech researcher offers potential new weapon to stop cancer's spread
New treatment developed by Georgia Tech researcher Mostafa El-Sayed featured in German press