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Petit Institute researchers at Georgia Tech use novel approach to predict complication risk in Crohn’s disease study

Petit Institute researcher contributing to ambitious BRAIN Initiative

The aim of targeted gene-based cancer therapies could be skewed from the start more often than not, a new study shows.

U.S. Military Academy cadets gain biomedical research experience in Manu Platt’s lab

Researchers use DNA "barcodes" to develop new technique for rapidly screening nanoparticles

Georgia Tech faculty-student pairs represent the best the Institute has to offer and illustrate how outstanding teachers and pupils can inspire each other

Ph.D. candidate from Jaydev Desai’s robotics lab earns top honor for best student paper

Xia lab gives LDL particles an interior upgrade to improve drug delivery

Georgia Tech neuroscience researchers explore our most magnificent and vast organ

This could be your story one day, unless medical research makes significant strides


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Georgia Tech and Emory give flu vaccine patch a thumbs up after its first human clinical trial
Marimba-playing robot developed by new Petit Institute researcher performing at Ideas Fest