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Undergrad researchers will begin developing independent research projects in January 2018

Across Georgia Tech, researchers, scientists, and students are creating the next breakthroughs in understanding this complex system, treatments of neurological diseases and injuries, and tools to improve neural function.

BME assistant professor named Next Generation Leader, invited to participate in advisory council

The growing visibility of researchers interested in astrobiology is helping Georgia Tech emerge as a powerhouse in the field.

Jennifer Glass Group

Glass lab exploring the big picture of tiny organisms

The grant will advance efforts to personalize the treatment of cystic fibrosis.

Sharing is caring in the fight against cancer with this new open source software project to predict cancer drug effectiveness.

Krone family make engineered biosystems building a reality with lead gift.

Scientists have examined an active nematic built with components borrowed from living cells.

The MRS Medal recognizes an exceptional achievement in materials research


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CNN report: Petit Institute researcher Omer Inan develops tech that records noises in our knees and delivers recordings to doctors
Petit Institute researcher King Jordan leads study of genetic ancestry and admixture in Colombian populations
Georgia Tech researchers release open-source algorithm to predict effectiveness of cancer drugs
Flying Fast and High: Georgia Tech, Petit Institute featured in Delta Sky magazine
Michigan/Georgia Tech team develops hydrogel-grown tissues to speed wound healing
Researchers at Georgia Tech offer open-source cancer treatment algorithm
Georgia Tech makes machine learning algorithm available in battle against cancer
Petit Institute researcher Joshua Weitz joins panel discussion of drug-resistant superbugs
Micron Biomedical commercializing patch developed by Georgia Tech and Emory researchers
Petit Institute researcher Aaron Levine leads Georgia Tech-CDC study looking at non-U.S. resident use of assisted reproductive technology