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Georgia Tech’s executive vice president for research meets with national media to discuss federal funding and scientific research.

Petit Institute seed grants awarded to three interdisciplinary research teams

Researchers have improved the sensitivity and detection capability of the widely-used ESI-MS analytical technique.

It’s a highly competitive and prestigious invitation, according to the National Academy of Engineering

Small skin patches with dissolvable microneedles could allow self-administration of the influenza vaccine.

New undergraduate program builds on strength of research across campus, from neurons to behavior .

Metastasis virtually halted in human in vitro cultures via gold nanorod photothermal therapy

The Krone Engineered Biosystems Building gets its name from aerospace engineering graduate Roger A. Krone and his wife Helen B. Krone.

Public, private universities enjoy unique, longtime collaboration in biomedical research and academics

They store information and look like security gates, but change shape in a cascade


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Lab of Mostafa El-Sayed uses heated gold rods to prevent metastasis
Researchers from Georgia Tech and Emory create a game-changer with development of microneedle vaccine patch
Microneedle patch developed by Georgia Tech and Emory gets its trial, determined safe to treat flu vaccine
New clinical study: Dissolvable microneedle patch is safe and preferable to the flu shot
CBS News features Petit Institute's Mark Prausnitz and collaborative research with Emory
Cutting-edge microneedle patch developed at Georgia Tech could make flu shots a thing of the past
Patch is a success in human clinical trial which could mean, 'bye bye, painful flu shots!'
Cancer research team led by Georgia Tech develops new treatment to thwart metastasis
Georgia Tech researchers use nanotechnology to stop cancer from spreading to healthy organs
Georgia Tech and Emory collaborate on microneedle patch that offers pain free vaccination