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Krone family make engineered biosystems building a reality with lead gift.

Researchers have taken an important step toward creating a new technique for repairing intestinal injuries.

The MRS Medal recognizes an exceptional achievement in materials research

Scientists have examined an active nematic built with components borrowed from living cells.

Petit Institute lab of Raquel Lieberman makes groundbreaking discovery

Three Petit Institute researchers among Coulter Department honorees

The use of assisted reproductive technology in the U.S. by non-U.S. residents is growing.

Portable 3-D scanner developed in lab of Brandon Dixon assesses patients with elephantiasis

Georgia Tech researcher one of 18 innovative young scientists in the nation to receive prestigious honor

New researchers from engineering and science join Petit Institute team


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Michigan/Georgia Tech team develops hydrogel-grown tissues to speed wound healing
Researchers at Georgia Tech offer open-source cancer treatment algorithm
Georgia Tech makes machine learning algorithm available in battle against cancer
Petit Institute researcher Joshua Weitz joins panel discussion of drug-resistant superbugs
Micron Biomedical commercializing patch developed by Georgia Tech and Emory researchers
Petit Institute researcher Aaron Levine leads Georgia Tech-CDC study looking at non-U.S. resident use of assisted reproductive technology
Seven things you can do to tame the fear (hint: Research from Georgia Tech is part of the solution!)
Deadly flesh-eating parasite may soon be thwarted by vaccine developed by U.S. and Brazilian researchers
Georgia Tech-led group gets $20M federal grant to fund cellular manufacturing research center
Research from Georgia Tech: A new vaccine could eradicate deadly flesh-eating parasites bound for U.S.