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Research from David Hu shows how socially dependent ants, who rely on their entire colony to survive, literally stick together to overcome otherwise impossible odds
Philip Santangelo, along with colleagues nationwide, used MTRIPS (multiply labeled tetravalent RNA imaging probes) to gain a closer look at the life cycle of the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) that leads to bronchitis and pneumonia.
Co-founder of Exigence Neuroscience, Inc. and father of two ill children partners with Jeffrey Skolnick to predict what drugs might work on specific genes in treating a rare progressive and eventually fatal neurological disease.
For more than a decade, the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory University has been applying the principles of engineering to life sciences research and clinical practice
Bob Guldberg and Johnna Temenoff are working together to develop a new technology to help the body repair traumatic bone injuries more effectively and at lower cost than current methods
Ross Ethier elected to prestigious society which shapes an agenda for basic, clinical and translational research to fight glaucoma.
National Geographic features study on clever fish species that makes itself smell like coral to avoid predators.
Mark Prausnitz developed needles too small to be seen by the naked eye that may offer an effective treatment for glaucoma
Michelle LaPlaca, with Emory colleagues, working on a portable device for use on the sidelines to determine whether an athlete is concussed.