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Elderly accident victims and Duchene muscular dystrophy sufferers could someday benefit from this stem cell hydrogel successfully tested in mice.

LaPlaca begins her term as president starting in 2019 through 2020

Six innovative biomedical research projects awarded

Researchers are studying a tiny single-celled protozoan that achieves blazing-fast acceleration while contracting its worm-like body.

A proof-of-concept sensor could help with monitoring treatment of brain aneurysms.

Andrés J. García is the new executive director of the Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience.

Year-long master’s program celebrates 100th graduate as student teams present final projects

Petit Institute researcher selected for the 2018 Sensors Council Young Professional Award

Petit Institute researcher Yonggang Ke part of research team addressing worldwide need for data storage

Research will advance the understanding of the cerebral cortex


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About 150,000 people with epilepsy suffer from a condition known as acute repetitive seizures.
Cisco awards Global Problem Solver Prize to Lunula Health at 2018 Rice Business Plan Competition
The perfect for conditions for life – including a handy power source – may have been a natural nuclear reactor on the early Earth
From the New York Times: Trillions of viruses fall form the sky each day
Biomed company founded by Petit Institute researcher Steve Stice achieves results in quest to develop game changing treatments
"They're really just hungry little babies," says Petit Institute researcher David Hu in Science Friday feature
Petit Institute researcher and roboticist Gil Weinberg talks about our weird android future
From the lab of Petit Institute researcher David Hu: How much do you "go" in your lifetime?