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Researchers propose to use new microfluidic and computational modeling techniques

Postdoc in labs of Petit Institute researchers receives prestigious award from Canadian government

M.G. Finn takes us along the journey to develop a vaccine against leishmaniasis.

Interdisciplinary researchers studycoupling of skull-brain vibroacoustics and ultrasound for enhanced therapy and diagnosis

Meetings over coffee led two professors to collaborate on research.

Georgia Tech and CDC researchers have provided new information about the factors affecting the virulence of anthrax.

New role will enable NIH to fund essential, cutting-edge biomedical research

New role will enable NIH to fund essential, cutting-edge biomedical research

New consortium leveraging region’s collective expertise to study brain injuries

A new study shows that ants have a lot to teach robots about working in confined spaces.


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Georgia Tech research on the BBC: Robot helps patients put on hospital gown
Petit Institute researcher John McDonald weighs in on machine learning in cancer medicine
From the lab of Petit Institute researcher Charlie Kemp: This machine is teaching itself to dress people
Petit Institute researchers develop potential new way to introduce molecules and therapeutic genes into human cells
Petit Institute researcher Gil Weinberg and amputee drummer Jason Barnes launch fundraising campaign for robotic prosthetic arm
New study examines marine microbes to better understand organisms living in the water and their role in the ecosystem
Study from Petit Institute's Soojin Yi: Human evolution may have amped up our response mechanism
Kwong lab develops technique to remotely activate genetically-modified T cells to attack cancer
About 150,000 people with epilepsy suffer from a condition known as acute repetitive seizures.
Cisco awards Global Problem Solver Prize to Lunula Health at 2018 Rice Business Plan Competition