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With support from Georgia Tech, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta placed 3D-printed tracheal splints in a pediatric patient.

Engineers are developing methods for decoding the conversation

Undergraduate students from around the United States spent their summer learning about cell manufacturing.

Mays High School senior Brianna Jones featured in Google Science Fair story

Georgia Tech one of first universities in the nation to embark on diversity-building STEM education program

The biophysicist/pianist in Sam Brown’s lab wins Episode 3 quiz.

Regenerative Engineering and Medicine Research Center supports three interdisciplinary, multi-university teams

Nature is chock full of chemical labyrinths that NMR helps navigate, but the technology is pricey, so teaming up to optimize use and share costs makes great sense.

NSF award supporting researchers at Georgia Tech, Emory, Northwestern, and the University of Chicago

Postdoc in labs of Petit Institute researchers receives prestigious award from Canadian government


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Petit Institute researcher Mark Prausnitz weighs in on hormone treatment that could cure obesity and type 2 diabetes
FDA-approved drug holds first promise for kids with genetic disease
Petit Institute researcher, James Dahlman, recognized by MIT Technology Review
Families with children affected by a rare neurological disease ML4 are rallying with researchers in Atlanta.
The momentous transition to multicellular life may not have been so hard afterall
From Petit Institute researcher Eva Lee: Data is the answer to fighting the flu
Kosal weighs in: Synthetic biology increases number and severity of threats from potential bioterrorists
Perspective from David Hu: Most scientists would see a dead deer on the roadside and drive on, not bring it home to butcher for dinner
From lab of Petit Institute researcher David Hu: The evolutionary tactics of ants
Petit Institute researcher Younan Xia enlisted to accelerate catalytic compound research