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Petit Institute researcher selected for the 2018 Sensors Council Young Professional Award

Petit Institute researcher Yonggang Ke part of research team addressing worldwide need for data storage

Research will advance the understanding of the cerebral cortex

Successful master’s program recognizes 100th graduate in summer ceremony

New technique may improve delivery of bacteria-killing phage to fight lung infection

Natasha Stallings wins KPMG scholarship, serves on leadership panel with Condoleezza Rice

Georgia Tech joins Emory and Georgia State in sharing facilities and expertise.

Klingenstein-Simons fellowship will help Simon Sponberg reveal how neural systems organize for sophisticated behaviors like flight.

Georgia Tech researcher named to MIT Technology Review’s Innovators Under 35 List

Multidisciplinary institute at Georgia Tech increases breadth and depth


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Petit Institute researchers develop potential new way to introduce molecules and therapeutic genes into human cells
Petit Institute researcher Gil Weinberg and amputee drummer Jason Barnes launch fundraising campaign for robotic prosthetic arm
New study examines marine microbes to better understand organisms living in the water and their role in the ecosystem
Study from Petit Institute's Soojin Yi: Human evolution may have amped up our response mechanism
Kwong lab develops technique to remotely activate genetically-modified T cells to attack cancer
About 150,000 people with epilepsy suffer from a condition known as acute repetitive seizures.
Cisco awards Global Problem Solver Prize to Lunula Health at 2018 Rice Business Plan Competition
The perfect for conditions for life – including a handy power source – may have been a natural nuclear reactor on the early Earth
From the New York Times: Trillions of viruses fall form the sky each day
Biomed company founded by Petit Institute researcher Steve Stice achieves results in quest to develop game changing treatments