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Dahlman, Paravastu, Robles added to bio-research community

A new study used a robot to help understand how the first land animals moved about.

BME/Petit Institute researcher at forefront of revolution in gene editing

Neuroscience and neurotechnology community gather for “state of the union”

Seminal papers by Petit Institute researcher Al Merrill get the “Classic” treatment

A tiny mirror could make a huge difference for scientists trying to understand what’s happening in the micron-scale structures of living cells.

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), and Northwestern University are building wearable and weighing-scale-based ballistocardiogram (BCG) technology for monitoring HF patients at home.

Petit Institute Seed Grants Support New Research Collaborations

School of Biology's King Jordan receives award to assist capacity building.

An industry-driven consortium has developed a national roadmap designed to chart the path to large-scale manufacturing of cell-based therapeutics.


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A bacterium engineered by Georgia Tech researcher could give health officials an inexpensive way to detect nutritional deficiencies.
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Petit Institute's David Hu wins Harvard's Nobel spoof award for study showing that nearly all mammals take the same amount of time to urinate.
Georgia Tech researchers' slithering snake robot shows promise for search and rescue missions.
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Emory to begin testing microneedle patch developed with Petit Institute researcher Mark Prausnitz
Georgia Tech's Dan Goldman weighs in on the utility and companionship of robotic pets.
Jordan lab provides new perspective on the role that RTE-derived sequences play in the precise execution of the human genome's regulatory program.
Petit Institute faculty member Michelle LaPlaca, co-inventor of 15-minute sideline test, featured on WSB TV.
Petit Institute Associate Director Nick Hud and faculty member Facundo Fernandez help stimulate ancient conditions on Earth.
Agreement with GTRC leads to new company, CellectCell, co-founded by Petit Institute’s Andr�s Garc�a
Georgia Tech-CDC collaboration profiled in Discovery as biotech companies work on easier ways for drug delivery.