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Interdisciplinary graduate program has nearly perfect job-placement record

Nine graduate students launch Georgia Tech’s third interdisciplinary life sciences Ph.D.

Researchers have developed a clearer understanding of how platelets sense mechanical forces to launch the clotting process.

School of Biological Sciences professor will review grant applications related to clinical neuroplasticity and neurotransmitters.

New book by Eberhard Voit breaks breaks down complex science for the general reader

Goodman, Hud, and Tsukruk named as Regents' Professor, Harter named as Regents' Researcher

Working memory disturbances wreck the mental coherence of schizophrenia sufferers, yet treatments for it are very limited. Biomedical engineers have built an accurate simulator of the brain chemistry behind it to help drug developers change that.

Petit Institute researcher stresses need for reproducible, reliable, affordable, accessible cell therapies

Do genetic regulators guide survival strategies in hard times? A tiny mutation in a roundworm says they may well.

Coulter Translational Research Partnership supporting early stage biomedical projects


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If humans were bony fish, we could regrow lost teeth. A Georgia Tech research team is taking a closer look.
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WSB-TV features Petit Institute researcher Susan Thomas and her cutting edge nanotechnology research.
Being light on their feet could significantly help robots in moving across surfaces like snow and sand, according to research by Petit Institute's Dan Goldman.
Georgia Tech research cited on Fox News in wake of flooding in South Carolina.
Research from Prausnitz lab could be a big step toward "the precision medicine of tomorrow."
Petit Institute faculty member Steve Stice's vision becoming a reality at UGA.
Researchers, leaders from Petit Institute and Coulter Department featured in Georgia Trend magazine.