Upload an Image

The first thing to keep in mind is you do not want spaces or weird punctuation in the title or something.

Here is a good example of a file name: file-name-04.12.18.jpg

1.) Go to the page where you need to make the update. Edit the page

2.) You will want to upload the new document, Click the Mouintain scene above 

3.) Then you will click browser server 

4.) Click Choose File and find the file on your computer and click upload

5.) Once you click upload you wil notice the file is in the right side of that window.

6.) Next click Insert File - it is next to the green check mark

7.) Then you will see the Image Properties window which shows the image, has measurements and the url of the image.







8.) Click okay and save the page. You can edit the page and the image by right clicking and selecting Image Properties.