Rakesh Patel, Ph.D.



Patel, Ph.D.

Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Department of Pathology, and Director, Center for Free Radical Biology
University of Alabama at Birmingham

"Redox-dependent Regulation of the Endothelial N-Glycome: Implications for Inflammatory Cell Trafficking"


Our laboratories area of interest is in understanding mechanisms linking reactive species to inflammatory injury in different tissues and disease settings, and then using these insights to develop and test therapeutics. While most of our focus has been on delineating mechanisms that regulate nitric oxide metabolism in health and disease, we also investigate reactive oxygen and halogen species, and antioxidant systems that counter / regulate the effects of these. We use an interdisciplinary approach encompassing basic science to translational / clinical trial studies. Our current and recent research portfolio includes i) Understanding how red cell and exosomal hemoglobin and heme affect lung injury and transfusion related toxicity in trauma patients, ii) How the oral microbiome is modulated by environmental stressors, that in turn regulates systemic nitric oxide bioavailability and iii) How endothelial N-glycans control vascular inflammation.