Professional Staff

Aqua Asberry

Histology Lab Coordinator

Angela Ayers

Director of Research Communications Services

Stephen Balakirsky

Director of Technical Initiatives

Angela Barros

Accounting Manager II

Ogeda Chavez Blue

Laboratory Technician II

Donna Bondy

Program and Operations Manager

Rose Brito

Asst to the Executive

Don Bryant

Administrative Professional Senior

Taneka Dixon

Accountant III

Karen Ethier

Administrative Manager II

Andrea Christine Gibson

Administrative Operations Coordinator

Randy Johnson

Senior IT Support Professional

Crystal Melvin

Accountant III

Colly O'Brien Mitchell

Events Manager

Laura Paige

Academic Advisor II, Bioengineering Program

Altair Sandro Rivas

Laboratory Technician II

Joshua Scarbrough

Laboratory Technician II

Lakeita Servance

Education Outreach Manager II

Andrew Shaw

Laboratory Manager I

Cynthia Lee Sundell

Director, Life Science Industry Collaborations

Leanne West

Chief Engineer, Pediatric Technologies, GTRI

Christopher W. Wiese

Assistant Professor

Michelle Wong

Assistant Director of the Petit Institute

Steve Woodard

Assistant Director, Core Facilities