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System being studied by Gang Bao and colleagues at University of Pennsylvania is a step toward replacing mutations with healthy DNA.
Pamela Peralta-Yahya and collaborators cross a fir tree with gut bacterium, fed it beef soup, to create highest-octane rocket fuel.
Steve Potter and others included in a sampling from two decades of mind-blowing Emory-Tech innovation and inventions
12 local Atlanta teenagers begin a year-long journey as inaugural ProjctENGAGE Research Scholars
Bob Guldberg presenting research in PEEK Scoria at upcoming national conference
Dr. Allan Brown, a researcher with N.C. State’s Plants for Human Health Institute at the N.C. Research Campus, is leading a team that is sequencing the blueberry genome.
In the new branch of biology called genomics, computing plays a critical role, particularly in such areas as genome assembly, analysis and interpretation.