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Successful reduction of beta amyloid plaques achieved by using flickering light to modulate brain activity and energize immune cells

Award recognizes the highest level of excellence among early-stage researchers

Computers viewing tiny traits could reveal previously invisible underpinnings of horrible diseases.

Counterintuitive addition of noise to AFM instrument requiring quiet boosts its performance

The ocean's dead zones teem with microbes, studies show. Frank Stewart explains the research.

Joshua Weitz explains study suggesting a link between viruses in our gut and our health.

Petit Institute founding director part of first Inter-American Stem Cell Conference

Monica McNerney, a doctoral student in Bioengineering, won the 2016 Three Minute Thesis competition.

BioE students Alyssa Pybus and Troy Batugal balance military and lab commitments

UCB-Georgia Tech partnership continues to grow and evolve


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Petit Institute faculty member Andreas Bommarius receives portion of grant aimed at biocatalysis
If humans were bony fish, we could regrow lost teeth. A Georgia Tech research team is taking a closer look.
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WSB-TV features Petit Institute researcher Susan Thomas and her cutting edge nanotechnology research.
Being light on their feet could significantly help robots in moving across surfaces like snow and sand, according to research by Petit Institute's Dan Goldman.
Georgia Tech research cited on Fox News in wake of flooding in South Carolina.
Research from Prausnitz lab could be a big step toward "the precision medicine of tomorrow."
Petit Institute faculty member Steve Stice's vision becoming a reality at UGA.