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Petit Institute researcher elected as councilor in American Chemistry Society

Understanding the biophysical cues provided by pathogenic particles may help fine tune vaccines.

Emory interventional radiologists collaborating with Georgia Tech Capstone students

Using super-resolution imaging, a Georgia Tech research team has observed the molecular reorganizations involved in phagocytosis.

An electric buzz to the vagus can fight chronic inflammation -- this fine-tune makes it even better.

The Georgia Institute of Technology will play a key role in a new federally backed initiative to advance medications made from cells, such as vaccines and autoimmune drugs, as well as therapies using living cells to treat a range of conditions.

Being married, with children, during graduate school presents unique challenges, as well as special experiences. 

APDC-supported CorMatrix, develops devices that can grow with the patient

Georgia Tech is advancing health informatics in ways that will affect the future of health care.

A new Georgia Tech effort aims at developing technologies for manufacturing therapeutic cells.


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Listen to Petit Institute researcher David Hu discuss his latest research on NPR's Science Friday.
Hu's research finds that body hair helps keep animals clean and could inspire self-cleaning technologies.
Petit Institute faculty member David Hu's groundbreaking research featured in The New York Times.
Georgia Tech researchers describe peculiar ‘active material’ ability of fire ants in new paper.
Petit Institute founding director to be honored for pioneering leadership at World Stem Cell Summit
Georgia Tech researchers discover ants’ ability to simultaneously assume solid and liquid attributes.
Georgia Tech researchers want to manipulate your mouth to do something extraordinary: grow teeth!