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All mammals "go" in the same amount of time, and the new findings could lead to medical advances.

An award to recognize sustained engagement of graduate students and postdoctoral associates as undergraduate research mentors has been established in the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

New research from Dixon and Vannberg labs illuminate critical role of courier nanoparticles

Wide range of personnel honored with Georgia Tech Faculty and Staff Awards

Congratulations to the following faculty and staff members who were honored at the 2017 Faculty and Staff Honors Luncheon on April 21

Robert Butera Named Associate Dean for Research and Innovation effective May 1.

Rob Mannino is poised to advance the field of mobile health technology

TINA and Hera Health using Round One experience to build for the future

A new study shows how methane may have warmed the early Earth.

Startup supported by Atlantic Pediatric Device Consortium making it easier to detect harmless heart murmurs


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Petit Institute researcher David Hu eloquently answers a U.S. Senator's criticism in a guest blog for Scientific American.
Petit Institute researcher Omer Inan can listen to your joints. What he hears can used to determine what type of damage has occurred.
From the lab of David Hu: Ants use their bodies to weave waterproof fabric to survive floods
Georgia Tech researchers investigate how molecular 'midwives gave birth to RNA
Common nanoparticle has subtle effects on oxidative stress genes
New lab-on-a-chip technology borrows technique used by cellular networks to track phones