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Eight interdisciplinary teams receive boost for research designed to harness the body’s own potential to heal

Ph.D. student developing novel diagnostic tool for anemia, testing it on himself

A highly interdisciplinary field that blends statistics, computing, algorithms, applied mathematics, and visualization, data science uses automated methods to gather and extract knowledge from very large or complex sets of data.

BME, Petit Institute researchers develop technique for detecting unwanted cells

Program provides undergraduate bio-students with yearlong, deep dive into research

Graduate research assistant from Sulchek lab recognized among the “best and the brightest”

Magazine Popular Science has honored Georgia Tech biologist Will Ratcliff on its annual list of “the 10 most innovative young minds in science and technology."

Crystal structures of the ribosome suggest coevolution of RNA and proteins.

Interdisciplinary graduate program has nearly perfect job-placement record

Interdisciplinary graduate program has nearly perfect job-placement record


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From the lab of David Hu: Ants use their bodies to weave waterproof fabric to survive floods
Georgia Tech researchers investigate how molecular 'midwives gave birth to RNA
Common nanoparticle has subtle effects on oxidative stress genes
New lab-on-a-chip technology borrows technique used by cellular networks to track phones
Electronic intelligence tracking cells might allow inexpensive labs on a chip to conduct medical testing outside the confines of hospitals and clinics.
Georgia Tech researchers using cellphone principles to track cells being sorted on microfluidic chips.