Drug Design Strategy Boosts the Odds Against Resistance Development

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Image shows E. coli cells under the stress of DHFR-targeting antibiotic trimethoprim in a 2015 study done prior to the research reported in this paper. The green color comes from GFP protein fused to DHFR and shows the uniform distribution of DHFR. The red color shows location of inclusion bodies of aggregated proteins in the cell. (Courtesy of Eugene Shakhnovich)

Structure of the E. coli DHFR protein (white) with its folate (blue) present at the enzymatic pocket and bromo-resveratrol (green) bound at the potential allosteric site responsible for antibiotic activity in escape variants of E. coli. (Courtesy of Jeffrey Skolnick)

A rational drug design technique could provide a new weapon in the battle against antibiotic resistance, potentially tipping the odds against the bugs. (Credit: John Toon, Georgia Tech)