High Throughput Data Transfer From SER-CAT to the Users Home Lab Using Globus Grid FTP

John P. Rose


SER-CAT, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Georgia


SER-CAT has recently installed an Eiger 16M detector on beamline 22ID. The new detector is capable of generating 100 images per second. Images have an almost zero background and a top-hat peak profile resulting in data of the highest quality.

The detector differs significantly from the Rayonix MX300HS detector it replaced. These differences will effect how users collect, process, analyze, transfer and store data.

My talk will focus on the use Globus FTP for fast file transfer from SER-CAT to the user’s home lab. Initial tests, transferring a 72 Gbytes (~7000 compressed images) directory tree from SER-CAT to UGA (with two Globus transfers running at the same time), gave a data rate of ~36 Gbytes/hour.

A description of the challenges of data transfer and the installation and use of Globus FTP to address these challenges will be presented.