Core Facilities Transition from iLabs to SUMS

Core Facilities Users,

We have been working with iLab Solutions for almost 4 years now and they have served us well. We have now transitioned from the iLab core facility management system to the GT Shared User Management system (SUMS). We hope this transition will contiune to be smooth as possible but we will need your help:

1. Register in SUMS by going to and clicking the log in button in the top right. Log in using your normal GT username and password.

2. Within SUMS are 2 main structures. The first is an equipment group which is similar to a core in the iLab system. The second is a billing group. If a researcher or staff uses a piece of equipment and that usage creates a charge, the billing group is where the bill goes. See if a billing group already exists for your group by clicking on the “billing groups” link in the top yellow bar and then searching. If your billing group does not exist, please have your PI log into the SUMS system and create a billing group and expanding the “Click here to request a new billing group” area. Note: All users within SUMS must join at least one billing group to use any piece of equipment registered in the system.

3. For billing group administrators must enter a valid PeopleSoft project number and doc id per person in your group in order to use equipment. Simply log into SUMS, navigate to your billings group’s page and then under the “Authorizations” tab, click each person and enter their information.

4. If you have any questions related to SUMS, please visit OR contact Jason Herrington. If you have any questions related to the Petit Institute Core Facilities, please contact Steve Woodard. Also, there is a weekly SUMS Q&A session in Pettit MIRC, Room 102A (note: not the Petit Biotech building but the Pettit MIRC building located between VanLeer EE and the College of Computing building) every Wednesday from 9 A.M.-10 A.M.. All are welcome to attend these sessions and any SUMS related questions may be asked or suggestions given.