Robert Kistenberg




Co-Director, MSPO Program, Coordinator of Prosthetics
Primary School/Department: 
School of Biological Sciences

Office Location: 
555 14th Street, ATL, 30318
Georgia Institute of Technology

Research Areas:

Research Areas: 
Regenerative Medicine

Research Interests:

My training is as a clinical prosthetist and as such my research interests surround all aspects of amputation, provision of external prostheses (artificial limbs) to individuals, how people adapt to amputation and how they incoporate an artificial body part into their activities of daily living and body image. In the next 5 - 10 years, prostheses will transform from entirely external devices that someone slips or straps on into something that is both invasive and external. Oseointegrated implantation for suspension of prostheses, already a reality, will become approved in the US and this is an area in which I have terrific interest. Furthermore, control of the next generation of artificial limbs will be achieved through impantable electrodes and peripheral nerve connections. As these technologies are developed, I aim to serve as the clinical specialist who will facilitate the translation of these technologies to their application in people.