Core Equipment List

These resources are found in the Petit Institute: 

Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry Core (David Bostwick <> -School of Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Company Model Equipment
Micromass Quattro LC Low-resolution tandem mass spectrometer
Applied Biosystems Voyager DE STR MALDI TOF (Time-of-flight) mass spectrometer
Applied Biosystems 4700 Proteomics Analyzer Tandem TOF/TOF mass spectrometer
Waters AutoSpec M Forward geometry, three sector tandem mass spectrometer
Bruker Amazon Speed Ion Trap with ETD
Bruker AutoFlex III MALDI TOF-TOF mass spectrometer
Waters GC TOF mass spectrometer
Bruker Rapiflex MALDI TOF

Biomechanics Core (Angela Lin <>)

Company Model Equipment
MTS 858 Mini Bionix II Uniaxial compression, tension, torsion
TA Instruments ELF 3220 Uniaxial compression, tension, torsion
TA Instruments ELF 3100 Uniaxial compression, tension
TA Instruments ELF 3200 Uniaxial compression, tension

Biomolecular Analysis Core (Andrew Shaw <>)

Company Model Equipment
Labconco Centivap Concentrator/Cold Trap Rapid scanning monochrometer
Beckman Coulter Analytical HPLC
GE Biosciences IPGphor Strip Based IEF System
BioRad Dodeca Large profile PAGE system for Proteomics lab
Agilent Bioanalyzer DNA, RNA, and Protein Analysis
Labconco Centivap Concentrator/Cold Trap Speed vac system
Labconco FreeZone 6 Freeze Drying System
Perkin-Elmer Tri-Carb 2900TR Scintillation counter
Amaxa Nucleofector Cell electroporator
ThermoFisher Scientific Arcturus XT Laser capture micro-dissection system
Perkin-Elmer IVIS Bioluminescence imaging system
Perkin-Elmer IVIS Spectrum CT in vivo imaging system
Perkin-Elmer FMT 400 Fluorescence molecular tomography system
Applied Biosystems Step One Plus Sequence detector
Beckman Coulter 22R Refrigerated Micro centrifuge
Beckman Coulter Allegra X-R15 Benchtop centrifuge
Packard Cobra II Auto-gamma counter
Beckman Coulter XPN 100 Ultracentrifuge
Avanti J1-30I High speed centrifuge
MP Biomedical Fast Prep 24 Tissue Homogenizer
Biotek Synergy H4 Multi-mode plate reader
GE FLA 9500 Imager
GE AI 600 RGB Imager
LI-COR Odyssey Infrared Imager
Applied Biosystems QuantStudio Flex 6 rtPCR

PBB Cellular Analysis Core (Sommer Durham <>)

Company Model Equipment
BD Immunocytometry Systems FACS Aria Illu flow cytometer/cell sorter
BD Immunocytometry Systems LSR II Digital flow cytometer system
Izon qNano and qMicro Particle analyzers
Beckman Coulter Multisizer 4e Cell counter
BD Accuri C6 (Serial #: 4814) Flow cytometer

High Throughput DNA Sequencing Core (Shweta Biliya <>)

Company Model Equipment
Illumina HiSeq 2500 High throughput DNA sequencing system
Hamilton Nimbus 4 Automated liquid handling machine
ABI 3130XL Sanger Sequencer

Histology Core (Aqua Asberry <>)

Company Model Equipment
Leica Autostainer Automatic stainer
Buehler Isomet 1000 Precision saw
Buehler Ecomet 3 Grinder
General Data TEC2120 Tissue embedding system
General Data RTPH-360 Enclosed tissue processor
Leica S6D Stereomicroscope
Leica CM3050S Cryostat
Thermo Fisher NX70 Cryostat
Waldorf (Germany) HM355S Microm rotary microtome (2)
Zeiss 100M Fluorescence microscope with camera

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Core (Johannes Leisen <>)

Company Model Equipment
Bruker PharmaScan 7T MRI Scanner

Micro cT Core (Angela Lin <>)

Company Model Equipment
Scano microCT40 Small specimen scanner
Scanco microCT50 Small specimen scanner
Scanco VivaCT40 in vivo specimen scanner
Siemens Inveon in vivo specimen scanner

Optical Microscopy Core (Andrew Shaw <>)

Company Model Equipment
Zeiss LSM -780 ELYRA Super resolution microscope system
Zeiss LSM 710 NLO Multi-photon confocal microscope system
Zeiss LSM 510 VIS Observer Z1 Confocal microscope system
Zeiss LSM 700 Confocal microscope system 1
Zeiss LSM 700 Confocal microscope system 2
Biotek Cytation 3 Reader/Imager with BioSpa 8 Automated live cell incubation and imaging system
Coherent Chameleon Ultra Pulsed IR laser for 2-photonmicroscopy

Neuroscience Core (Bo Yang <>)

Company Model Equipment
Axon 700B Multiclamp Amplifier
Axon 1550B Digidata digitizer
Tucker Davis Technologies RZ2 Data Acquisition System
Tucker Davis Technologies RS4 Data Acquisition System
Sutter Instrument Co. P-1000 Micropipette Puller
Sutter Instrument Co. P-97 Micropipette Puller
Teledyne Dalsa Instrisic High Speed Imaging Camera
Nikon SMZ 745T Microscope
Scientific 1000 Slice Scope Pro
Scientific 3000 Slice Scope Pro
Kopf NA Stereotaxic Frame
CoolLED lm-100 Camera

Other Core Facilties Resources (

Company Model Equipment
Asmo 3300 Steam Sterilizers
Speed Queen Quantum Gold Electri-Stack Washer-Dryer Stack for lab coats
Lancer NA Lab glass washers
Steris Reliance Lab glass washers


These resources are found in Krone EBB: 

Biopolymer Characterization (Bettina Bommarius <> and Mick Robbins <>)

Company Model Equipment
BioTek Synergy H4 Microplate Readers
AP Chirascan TM-plus CD Spectrometer
Olis RSM 1000 Stopped-Flow Spectrophotometer
Shimadzu Prominence UFLC System
Wyatt DynaPro NanoStar Dynamic Light Scattering
GE AKTAPure 25M with refridgerator
GE Ultrospec 2100 pro UV-Vis Spectrometer
Malvern Omnisec SEC-4-detector + MALS detector
Malvern Nano Z Zeta-sizer (zeta potential measurement)
Beckman Coulter Optima XPN 100 Ultra Centrifuge
Beckman Coulter Avanti JXN-26 High Performance Centrifuge
Nanotemper Prometheus Native differential scanning fluorimeter
MicroCal VP-DSC 2M Differential scanning calorimeter
Wyatt DynaPro Plate reader (DLS with HTS capacity)
MicroCal iTC200 Isothermal calorimetry 
Beckman Coulter AUC with schlieren optic Analytical ultracentrifuge
Malvern Nanosight NS300 Light scattering using Nanotracking
Nanotemper Technologies Tycho NT Fast nanoDSF capillary

EBB Cellular Analysis Core (Sommer Durham <>)

Company Model Equipment
BD Accuri C6 Flow cytometer
BD Fusion Cell sorter
BD Fortessa Digital flow cytometer system
BD Fortessa HTS System High throughput sampling system for digital flow cytometer
Sartorius Group, Inc. AMBR 15 (24 vessel) system Microbioreactor for automated cell culture
LI-COR Odyssey CLx Infrared imager
FlowJo Dongle 1 Dongle Flow cytometry analysis software
FlowJo Dongle 2 Dongle Flow cytometry analysis software
FlowJo Analysis Workstation Serial / Subscription For Single Workstation Flow cytometry analysis workstation
Beckman Coulter Vi-Cell Metaflex Bioanalyte analyzer
GE Typhoon Trio Plus Visible and phosphor storage imager

Genome Analysis Core (Dalia Arafat Gulick <>)

Company Model Equipment
Fluidigm BioMark qRT-PCR
BioRad QX200 ddPCR
Lonza 4D Nucleofector Core Unit
Bio Rad ddSeq Single Cell Isolator
Bio Rad TC20 Cell counter
Thermo Fisher Step One Plus Real Time PCR System
10X Genomics 10X Chromium System

Optical Microscopy Core (Aaron Lifland <>)

Company Model Equipment
Perkin-Elmer UltraVIEW VoX Spinning Disk System 1
Perkin-Elmer UltraVIEW VoX Spinning Disk System 2
Zeiss Z1 Dual Illumination Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscope System
Nikon Biostation IMq Incubation Microscope
PerkinElmer Volocity ILS Software Volocity Network License (SMA)
Bruker Vutara 352 Video rate super res microscope
Bruker Opterra II Swept Field Confocal
Bruker Investigator Two photon microscope
Coherent Chameleon Discovery Two Photon Laser
FEI Amira Cell Bio Microscopy Software License SMA
Arivis Vision4D Microscopy Software License SMA

Molecular Evolution (Anton Bryksin <>)

Company Model Equipment
Illumina MiSeq Small whole genome sequencing
Illumina MiniSeq 16S Metagenomic sequencing
Illumina NextSeq Large whole genome sequencing
Qiagen Qiacube Robot Workstation
Nanodrop Nanodrop Spectrophotometer
BioRad Dyad Chassis/Alpha Engine Thermal Cycler
Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100 Purity assessment analyzer
Revco ULT FRZR 662AR5A01A (-80) Upright Freezer
Genetix QPix2xt Colony picking robot
Fisher (Andrew Alliance) Andrew system 1000G Sample handling robot
Fisher (AB) Seqstudio Genetic analyzer
BSI Denovix DS-11 FX+ Spectrophotometer/Fluorimeter
Sage Science Blue Pippin Automated DNA sizing tool
Stratagene MX3005P qPCR System

Systems Mass Spectrometry Core (David Smalley <>)

Company Model Equipment
Dionex UltiMate 3000 RSLCnano UHPLC system
Thermo Scientific Q Exactive Plus Mass Spectrometer
Dionex UltiMate 3000 RSLC UHPLC system
Thermo Scientific Q Exactive HF Mass Spectrometer
Thermo Scientific Proteome Discoverer Software (ver. 2.1)
Matrix Science Mascot Server Sofware (ver. 2.5.1)
Thermo Scientific Sieve Software (ver. 2.2sp2)
Thermo Scientific LipidSearch Software (ver. 4.1.28)
Beckman Coulter PF-2D Chromatography system
Peak Scientific Genius 3022 Nitrogen Generator
Waters Acquity UHPLC System


These resources are found in MoSE: 

Systems Mass Spectrometry Core (David Smalley <>)

Company Model Equipment
Bruker 12T FT-ICR Mass spectrometer


These resources are found in TEP:

BME Core Facilities (Julian Dorsey <>)

Company Model Equipment
Zeiss LSM 710 NLO Multi-photon confocal microscope system
Coherent Chameleon Ultra Multiphoton excitation laser
Zeiss AxioOberserver Inverted microscope system
Zeiss AxioScope Upright microscope system
ThermoFisher NX-70 Cryostat
ThermoFisher Gemini Autostainer
ThermoFisher Microm HM-355S Rotary Microtome
BioTek Synergy H4 Multi-mode plate reader
ThermoFisher Step-One-Plus RT PCR System
Licor CLx IR imaging system
ThermoFisher Veriti Thermo Cycler
ThermoFisher Shandon Varistain Gemini ES Autostainer


These resources are found in Whitaker: 

3D Medical Fabrication Core (Sarah Jo Crotts<>)​

Company Model Equipment
FormLabs Form2 3D Desktop Printer (future)


These resources are found in the GCMI (575 14th St): 

3D Medical Fabrication Core (Sarah Jo Crotts<>)​

Company Model Equipment
EOS Formiga P110 Laser Sintering Machine (using PCL)
EnvisionTEC NA 3D Bioplotter (future)