Notice of Joint DMS/NIGMS Initiative to Support Research at the Interface of the Biological and Mathematical Sciences

Funding Organization: 
National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation
Type of Funding: 
Estimated Funding Amount: 
Up to $5M per year
Funding Announcement: 
NSF 18-566
Proposal Deadline: 
Thursday, October 18, 2018
Award/Eligibility Description: 

The extraordinary growth of data-rich biology has created opportunities for revolutionary mathematically-driven advances in biological research. In this initiative, the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) and the National Science Foundation's Division of Mathematical Sciences (NSF/DMS) join together to promote research at the interface of the biological and mathematical sciences. The expertise of DMS in the mathematical and statistical sciences and the complementary expertise of NIGMS in biological and biomedical research are expected to provide support for novel, transformative quantitative biological research.

This program is designed to support research in mathematics and statistics addressing important questions in the biological and biomedical sciences. A direct relationship between a biological application and the mathematical and/or statistical work is required. Research collaborations that include scientists from both the life sciences community and the mathematical and statistical sciences communities are preferred and encouraged. Proposals from single investigators must make a compelling case that the individual has necessary expertise in both mathematical and biological fields. While projects from existing collaborations are welcome, we strongly encourage exploratory, high-risk, high-reward proposals and new teams of researchers.

Successful proposals will either involve the formulation of new mathematical, computational, or statistical models and tools whose analysis poses significant mathematical challenges or identify innovative mathematics or statistics needed to solve an important biological problem. Research that would apply routine mathematical or statistical techniques to solve biological problems is not appropriate for this competition and should be submitted directly to NIH. Similarly, proposals with research in mathematics or statistics that is not tied to a specific biological problem should be submitted to the appropriate DMS program at NSF. Proposals designed to create new software tools based on existing models and methods will not be accepted in this competition.

Note: Proposals to this program solicitation for work based on topics or approaches for which the PI, co-PI or Senior Personnel previously received support from the joint DMS/NIGMS program will be returned without review.