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Research from physics lab of Petit Institute's Alberto Fernandez-Nieves on shape changes has implications in life sciences 

Researchers have identified biological signatures in pediatric patients with Crohn’s disease to predict whether they will develop complications.

Seven new faculty members, including several neuro-researchers, join growing interdisciplinary community

GTNeuro researchers on the cutting edge are exploring the frontier between our ears

Abnormal folding of proteins may help explain the emergence of life.

Researchers have harnessed triboelectric nanogenerators to improve the sensitivity of mass spectrometers.

25th annual gathering at the Petit Institute featured ground-breaking research in neuroscience

Raquel Lieberman, associate professor at the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, is having the Best. Winter. Ever.

CauteryGuard among six teams vying for $20,000 top prize


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Committee led by Petit Institute founding director issues call for action to ensure research integrity
New Report: U.S. research community needs to do a better job of both investigating misconduct allegations and promoting ethical conduct
Research from Georgia Tech: Honeybees are extremely hairy so they can carry as much pollen as possible