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Annual meeting features new format and focus on upcoming seed grants

Hammond research focused on creating wearable, useable devices for humans

Bioengineering grad students form non-profit geared toward STEM education

Nerem speech highlights annual Bioengineering grad program celebration

Short DNA loops play a role in gene non-expression, but how force acts on them defies expectations, creating moments of extreme stress.

Society for Biomaterials honors Georgia Tech bioengineering grad student


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The future of vaccinations? Atlanta's National Public Radio affiliate, WABE, features Petit Institute researcher Mark Prausnitz.
Sunday Times recognizes researcher as only the second Sri Lankan elected to the National Academy of Engineers.
Study explains how improvements in post-death transmission of Ebola may reduce scope and spread of disease.
Kostas Konstantinidis remarks in NY Times piece about exciting developments in the study of weather-shifting microbes.
Research from Tom Barker demonstrates how cell-sized particles could help with blood clotting in the face of donor shortages.
Petit Institute researcher delivers stirring speech to close inspiring conference for young STEM researchers.
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David Hu measured the eyelashes of mammals to find the ideal length for diverting airflow around the eye and reducing evaporation.
David Hu uses science to help people with a debilitating fear of snakes
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Dan Goldman’s research on a sandfish lizards uses resistance force theory, developed decades ago, to explain how some micro-organisms move