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New book by Eberhard Voit breaks breaks down complex science for the general reader

Goodman, Hud, and Tsukruk named as Regents' Professor, Harter named as Regents' Researcher

Working memory disturbances wreck the mental coherence of schizophrenia sufferers, yet treatments for it are very limited. Biomedical engineers have built an accurate simulator of the brain chemistry behind it to help drug developers change that.

Petit Institute researcher stresses need for reproducible, reliable, affordable, accessible cell therapies

Do genetic regulators guide survival strategies in hard times? A tiny mutation in a roundworm says they may well.

Coulter Translational Research Partnership supporting early stage biomedical projects

Dahlman, Paravastu, Robles added to bio-research community

A new study used a robot to help understand how the first land animals moved about.

BME/Petit Institute researcher at forefront of revolution in gene editing

Neuroscience and neurotechnology community gather for “state of the union”


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Petit Institute Associate Director Nick Hud and faculty member Facundo Fernandez help stimulate ancient conditions on Earth.
Agreement with GTRC leads to new company, CellectCell, co-founded by Petit Institute’s Andr�s Garc�a
Georgia Tech-CDC collaboration profiled in Discovery as biotech companies work on easier ways for drug delivery.
Petit Institute faculty member Eric Gaucher invoking the past in modern bacteria.
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Core facilities manager Steve Woodard expounds on use of flow cytometer in teen tech education.
Latest edition of Journal of the American Medical Association features microneedle patch developed by Georgia Tech and CDC.
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Coulter Department chairman Ravi Bellamkonda is interviewed on GPB about the hottest job to have in Georgia.
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Georgia Tech project encouraging minority participating in STEM fields is profiled on local public radio station.
Petit Institute faculty member Dan Goldman researches the manipulative, careful construction techniques of fire ants.