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Bleeding disorders could one day be diagnosed by putting platelets through strength tests

Searching for the origins of life, researchers add thickener to the broth

Award recognizes his significant career achievements and social responsibility

NIH announces funding for 88 awards on high-impact biomedical research

Five weeks in Barcelona adds visual dimension to grad student's research

A bacterial warrior the only one of its kind? This enzyme is "wacko" in the ways it breaks down a poison related to TNT.

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and the Georgia Institute of Technology announced a $5 million grant from The Imlay Foundation to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for the development of pediatric therapies.

Petit Institute researcher in first cohort to receive new award for early-career scientists

For two decades, geneticists have been using computer simulations to reconstruct genes and proteins millions of years old. But do their algorithms really work? A new study says: Yes, and how!

Summer work experience helped prepare Petit Scholar for cutting edge lab research


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Petit Institute researcher Flavio Fenton offers his take on the physics of the Force.
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McDonald's work in developing a test for early-stage ovarian cancer profiled on 90.1 WABE.
Fox 5 Medical Team: McDonald research could be game changer in the battle against ovarian cancer.
Petit Institute researcher Loren Williams leading NASA-funded effort to find the root of life.
Georgia Tech researchers funded by NASA’s Astrobiology Institute retrace the development of the ribosome back almost four billion years.
NASA-funded researchers are tapping information in the cells of all life and using it to trace evolution.
Georgia Tech research could lead to new self-cleaning technologies for solar panels and remote camera sensors.
L.A. Times: Georgia Tech researchers examine the dangers of getting dirty in the natural world.