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Researchers have developed a new technique for rapidly screening the ability of nanoparticles to selectively deliver therapeutic genes to specific organs of the body.

Founder and Director of the Center for Innovative Cardiovascular Technologies

The actions of bacteria locked in battle are nearly as calculable as a chemical reaction.

2017 class of Petit Undergraduate Research Scholars most diverse in program history

A frog's saliva changes three times in milliseconds as it snares food with its tongue.

Researchers have combined microgels with robust polymer networks to create a new repair material.

Petit Institute researcher elected to national honor society for physician-scientists

Petit Institute researcher elected as councilor in American Chemistry Society

Understanding the biophysical cues provided by pathogenic particles may help fine tune vaccines.


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Petit Researcher Ned Waller discusses the progress of bone marrow transplantation over the past three decades.
Bioengineers offer new strategy for promoting tissue repair following injury.
Scientists growing cells on the mirrors and image them using super-resolution microscopy to see structures of three dimensional cells with comparable resolution in each dimension.
Stem cell factory opens, leading to organized clinical trials for revolutionary cell-based therapies.
Fluorescent biosensors provide way to track mobilization of heme in cells.
Consortium develops national roadmap for advanced cell manufacturing, showing the way to cell-based therapeutics.
Petit Institute researcher David Hu eloquently answers a U.S. Senator's criticism in a guest blog for Scientific American.