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Goodman, Hud, and Tsukruk named as Regents' Professor, Harter named as Regents' Researcher

Working memory disturbances wreck the mental coherence of schizophrenia sufferers, yet treatments for it are very limited. Biomedical engineers have built an accurate simulator of the brain chemistry behind it to help drug developers change that.

Petit Institute researcher stresses need for reproducible, reliable, affordable, accessible cell therapies

Do genetic regulators guide survival strategies in hard times? A tiny mutation in a roundworm says they may well.

Coulter Translational Research Partnership supporting early stage biomedical projects

Dahlman, Paravastu, Robles added to bio-research community

A new study used a robot to help understand how the first land animals moved about.

BME/Petit Institute researcher at forefront of revolution in gene editing

Neuroscience and neurotechnology community gather for “state of the union”

Seminal papers by Petit Institute researcher Al Merrill get the “Classic” treatment


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Listen to Petit Institute researcher David Hu discuss his latest research on NPR's Science Friday.
Hu's research finds that body hair helps keep animals clean and could inspire self-cleaning technologies.
Petit Institute faculty member David Hu's groundbreaking research featured in The New York Times.
Georgia Tech researchers describe peculiar ‘active material’ ability of fire ants in new paper.
Petit Institute founding director to be honored for pioneering leadership at World Stem Cell Summit
Georgia Tech researchers discover ants’ ability to simultaneously assume solid and liquid attributes.