BioInnovation Showcase

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Four heavy hitters at the BioInnovation Showcase: (left to right) Bob Guldberg (executive director of the Petit Institute), Gary Reedy (CEO of the American Cancer Society), Harold Solomon (principal, Georgia Venture Lab), and Bud Peterson (president of Georgia Tech).

Xeron Pledger, Congressional liaison for Congressman Hank Johnson, gets a primer on new healthcare technology from Clearside Biomedical's Shelley Hancock.

Annabelle Singer, a researcher in the Petit Institute, tries on the Detect device during the BioInnovation Showcase.

Petit Institute researcher Frank Rosenzweig and a grad student from his lab, Jordan Gulli, explain how his start-up, Dikaryon, will help ethanol companies achieve better efficiency.

Axion was one of 20 companies with Georgia Tech connections at the BioInnovation Showcase.