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Post date: 2016

Learning Commons program helping students navigate the challenges of higher education

10/18/2016 - 00:00

BME/Petit Institute researcher at forefront of revolution in gene editing

07/01/2016 - 00:00

For two decades, geneticists have been using computer simulations to reconstruct genes and proteins millions of years old. But do their algorithms really work? A new study says: Yes, and how!

09/15/2016 - 00:00

Tracking heme has dispelled a widely held assumption that it does not float freely in cellular pools.

05/30/2016 - 00:00

APDC-supported CorMatrix, develops devices that can grow with the patient

12/15/2016 - 00:00

Georgia Tech researchers have developed a theory to unite the study of behavior and its effect on the environment.

11/09/2016 - 00:00

Interdisciplinary graduate program has nearly perfect job-placement record

08/22/2016 - 00:00

Funding can focus science on the long game; just ask Will Ratcliff, freshly named a Packard Fellow.

10/14/2016 - 00:00

Neuroscience and neurotechnology community gather for “state of the union”

06/23/2016 - 00:00

Post date: 2017

The aim of targeted gene-based cancer therapies could be skewed from the start more often than not, a new study shows.

08/15/2017 - 00:00

A frog's saliva changes three times in milliseconds as it snares food with its tongue.

01/31/2017 - 00:00

Jahizreal Aquart takes third in international science fair as the Georgia Tech program completes another year

05/25/2017 - 00:00

A new drug design strategy could boost the odds against developing antibiotic resistance.

06/14/2017 - 00:00

The National Science Foundation creates podcast from Tech research.

04/03/2017 - 00:00

Masters program holds annual recruitment event, taking prospects on tour of state-of-the-art facilities

03/23/2017 - 00:00

Georgia Tech’s executive vice president for research meets with national media to discuss federal funding and scientific research.

07/12/2017 - 00:00

25th annual gathering at the Petit Institute featured ground-breaking research in neuroscience

02/24/2017 - 00:00

New research from Dixon and Vannberg labs illuminate critical role of courier nanoparticles

04/24/2017 - 00:00

Petit Institute researcher contributing to ambitious BRAIN Initiative

08/17/2017 - 00:00

Researchers have combined microgels with robust polymer networks to create a new repair material.

01/26/2017 - 00:00