Alberto Fernandez-Nieves




Dunn Family Assistant Professor
Primary School/Department: 
Georgia Tech School of Physics

Office Location: 
Boggs B19
Georgia Institute of Technology

Research Areas:

Research Areas: 

Research Interests:

Our laboratory studies the physics of soft materials with a focus on the connection between microscopic order and macroscopic properties. The underlying theme is to pursue basic understanding and address fundamental questions. However, we also address applied problems and pursue industrial collaborations since many of the materials we study can be viewed as model systems for those that are often used in applications. Current projects include (i) studying the phase behavior and properties of packed soft objects, (ii) understanding the consequences of confinement and curvature over the equilibrium states of ordered materials, which in many cases require the existence of topological defects in their ground states, and (iii) developing microfluidic techniques to study fundamental fluid mechanic questions and to generate new materials through directed assembly and mixing of the components.