Aaron Young




Primary School/Department: 
George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering

Office Location: 
Love 007
Georgia Institute of Technology

Research Keywords:

Powered Prostheses and Orthoses / Exosekeletons, Biological Signal Processing, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition, Human Subject Research, Biomechanics, Myoelectric (EMG) signal

Research Interests:

Dr. Young's research is focused on developing control systems to improve prosthetic and orthotic systems. His research is aimed at developing clinically translatable research that can be deployed on research and commercial systems in the near future. Some of the interesting research questions are how to successfully extract user intent from human subjects and how to use these signals to allow for accurate intent identification. Once the user intent is identified, smart control systems are needed to maximally enable individuals to accomplish useful tasks. For lower limb devices, these tasks might include standing from a seated position, walking, or climbing a stair. We hope to improve clinically relevant measures with powered mechatronic devices, including reducing metabolic cost, improving biomechanics and decreasing the time required to perform daily tasks of living.